Pg Block

Pg Block

The campus of Siddhartha Institute of Technology & Sciences is nestled in very serene and sylvan surroundings. The campus is off the Warangal Highway on the Korremula Road. The campus is well connected to the arterial highway by city buses run by Road Transport Corporation.  The campus has lot of greenery all around which is very beneficial to ignite the young learners. The landscaped gardens and lawns serve as open air auditorium and also a place for the students to relax before and after class hours. 

PG  Block

This is also a Four Storeyed Block and houses the PG Students. The Ground Floor has well equipped Computer lab and well stocked Library. It also houses the Principal, HOD and Staff Cabins. The Class Rooms for the MBA student are in the First Floor. This building has its own Seminar Hall in the Second Floor with a seating capacity of 300 students at a go. The seminar hall is well equipped with LCD projector and Sound Systems. The Fourth Floor Class Rooms are buffer rooms for the proposed increase in intake.
This block has its own drinking water purifier which quenches the thirst of students and Staff. This building has a Generator, which caters to the power supply needs during the Power cuts effected by the Distributing Agency.

S. No. Particulars Area Available (sq.m)
1 Instructional Area 2,530
2  Instructional Area With Common Failtiies 220
2 Administrative Area 90
3 Amenities Area 390
4 Circulation Area 900
  Total 4,130

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