Mechanical About

Mechanical About

The Mechanical Engineering Department started in the academic year of 2010 with an intake of 60 students. Now it is expended to 120 with 2 sections. The students are exposed to various teaching techniques and are groomed in desired way to make themselves self supportive with conceptual knowledge   part from practical approach to each every minute aspect. In the interaction with the students in academics with a healthy trend which is showing good result in their academic activities. The department is well staffed with 04 Professors 05 Associate Professors, 30 Assistant Professor and 8 Lectures. The lab is supported by 08 Lab Assistant. The students have made remarkable achievements in the semester exams. They have scored as high as cent percent in few papers. The staff members are also highly qualified and have vast experience in both teaching and industry.

The students of Mechanical Engineering are groomed to become a expert hand almost in all fields of Engineering like Civil and Electrical Engineering. The syllabus for each semester and its practical’s are designed to include Workshops like Machine shop, Carpentry, Plumbing Electrical Wiring, Black Smithy and Tin Smithy apart from maps export to the foundry having cupola furnace and standard pattern and moulds apart from all the Thermal Labs, Hydraulic Machines labs they also undergo various process of manufacturing like welding plastics injection moldings turning and milling.

They are also expert in Civil Engineering side by leaving from simple beams and bending to the analysis of multistoried structures. They also undergo in labs several of latest trends available like pre stressed concrete, strength of materials by conducting the experiments on torsion, torsion on shafts and calculating various stresses of machine members while undergoing design of machine members.

The students also encouraged by getting them involved into mini- live projects thus giving them the taste of research and scope for development also they are exposed to the software programs  like CAD/CAM and process of analysis of various manufacturing to sum up fields of Mechanical Engineering covers all aspects of production that is Mechanical, Electrical and Civil. Without involving of Mechanical Engineering no Engineering process is can't be  complete as well known world phenomena.  


Casting the world, Forging the campus, Shaping the universe, Welding the rest of all branches,
Bcoz, We are the Men, We are the Machine and We are Mechanical Engineer's

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