Humanities Sciences English Language Communication Skills Lab

Humanities Sciences English Language Communication Skills Lab


Our vision is to uniquely position the Faculty as a leader in innovation and excellence in engineering and computer science through education, research and scholarship in a professional framework reflecting our social responsibility.  
The Faculty believes its prime driver for success in all these areas should emanate from targeted research that attracts highly qualified faculty and graduate students, and enhances the attractiveness and quality of the undergraduate program.
The Faculty will continue to support the individual research initiatives of its professors, but will promote a strong focus on inter-disciplinary research in high-interest and impact areas as perceived by governments and industry as follows: 


The Faculty of Engineering provides its graduates with top quality education in engineering and computer science, preparing them to practice their professions competently to meet the ever-changing needs of society, and to continue learning their discipline, allowing them to move into other related fields including business, law and medicine.  Excellence and diversity in research are essential to our mission and build on our strong collaboration with industry and government research laboratories. The Faculty encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst its students and personnel. The Faculty strives to provide a learning environment that promotes excellence and innovation, ethical practice and responsibility towards society. The Faculty is committed to a culture built on respect of the individual and fair treatment for all.

About ELCS Lab:

Industry demands and needs keep changing; a job seeker has to learn the skills based on the changes and requirements. So we train students on improvising communication skills, soft skills, life skills etc. from first year itself. HS lab is well equipped with the requirements; a numerous multimedia learning sources are available like audio cassettes for listening skills and neutralization of accent. 60 systems in the lab fixed with advanced multimedia technologies which support to all kind of e-resources students can take benefit of.

The Interactive Communication Lab (IC Lab) aids communication skills development. It has a Public Address System (with roof fixed speakers), an LCD Projector, a handy cam and a television to record and replay the performance of each student during presentations.


  • Tape Recorders -Television – Overhead Projectors – Computers –  LCD Projector –   Scanner – Internet connectivity- Dig cam – Hand camera – Communication Lab


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