Humanities Sciences About

Humanities Sciences About

The Department of Science and Humanities is pivotal for Engineering Education. Students learn the basics of Science and Engineering which are essential for further Studies. The Department Was started from the inception of the college. Its objective is to provide value based education to the budding scientists and engineers.

The Department Comprises of four branches of study namely physics, chemistry, mathematics and English. All these four disciplines exist as separate divisions and maintain individual identity well-experienced and highly Qualified faculty members of the department have made consistent and strenuous efforts to the students to improve their learning and research & development processes.

The department is actively involving in the early development of students personality communication and soft skills to boast them in the modern and globally competitive environment

The Unique strength of the department is the excellent coordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities. The department has separate block which includes state – of- the-art laboratories and advanced library facilities. 

The Department is involved in teaching the following subjects:


  1.  Engineering Mathematics-1
  2.  Mathematical Methods
  3.  Engineering Physics
  4.  Engineering Chemistry
  5.  English Language and Communication Skills


  1.  Environmental Science
  2.  Engineering Maths-3
  3.  Probability & Statistics


  1. Operation Research
  2. Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis
  3. Management Sciences
  4. Disaster Management(Elective)

The Department has 3 well Equipped Laboratories namely Physics, Chemistry and ELCS labs.

The Physics and Chemistry Labs provide Scientific Practical knowledge about the related subjects and ELCS lab contributes towards the enhancement of Communication and Soft skills.

The Department has dedicated and experienced faculty which consists of about  5-Professors, 12-Associate Professors and 27-Assistant Professors who posses Ph.D. M.Phil, and Masters Degrees.

The Contribution of this Department is enormous for the budding engineers.

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