Examination Branch

Examination Branch

Examination and Evaluation System

The institute is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad. All the examinations are conducted as per the academic regulations given by the JNTUH from time-to-time and the examinations are scheduled as per the academic calendar and the examinations are conducted according to the instructions given by the University.

The college has adopted the evaluation reforms initiated by the JNTUH for evaluation of student performance through Internal Examinations (Descriptive and Objective) and maintaining all the records of the students.

The Team:

S.No Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr.Col.Lateef Khan Chief Superintendent
2 Mr.V.Vijay Bhasker Officer In charge Exam Branch
3 Mr.G.Srinivas Asst. In-Charge Exam Branch (PG)
4 Mr.David Asst. In-Charge Exam Branch (UG)
5 Mr.S.Manohar Asst. In-Charge Exam Branch (Diploma)
6 Mr.D.Srinivas Asst. In-Charge Exam Branch (MBA)
7 Mr.B.Balu Naik Record Asst.
8 Lakshman Attender


Mr.V.Vijay Bhasker  M.Tech.(Ph.D)

Officer In charge Exam Branch


Phone No.:+91 99083 30490

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