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E Resources Ieee

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 
IEEE ALL- SOCIETY PERIODICALS PACKAGE (ASPP) 161 Journals are subscribed, which are IP based, hence no need of User Id and Password in SITS Campus.

URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org

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List of National   and    International Journals

1 Global Markets 3,July-Dedember 2014
2 Mechanical, Automobile Engineering And Research 4,July-December 2014
3 Multimedia Technology And Applications 4,July-December 2014
4 Computational Mathematics And Numerical Simulation 7,January-December 2014
5 Electronics, Electrical Engineering& Technology 3,July-December 2014
6 Green Manufacturing 4,July-December 2014
7 Design Engineering And Technology 4,July-December 2014
8 Civil And Building Engineering 4,July-December 2014
9 Civil Engineering And Environmental Systems 4,July-December 2014
10 Environment And Architecture 4,July-December 2014
11 Global Information Technology Management 2,July-December 2014
12 Financial Markets And Management 4,July-December 2014
13 Systems, Control And Information Communication 3,January-June 2014
14 Networks Security And Research 4,July-December 2014
15 Environmental Pollution Control &Management 3,January-June 2014
16 Micro And Nano Electronics, Circuits And Systems January-June-2014
17 Micro And Nano Electronics, Circuits And Systems JULY-DEC-2014
18 Advanced  Networking And Application Mar-Apr -2014
1 Indian Journal Of Electronic Circuits And Systems JULY-DEC-2014
2 Indian Journal Of Industrial Engineering And Technology JULY-DEC-2014
3 Indian Journal Of Smart  System And Technology January-June-2014
4 Indian Journal Of Flood Engineering January-June-2014
5 Indian Journal Of Control Science And Engineering JULY-DEC-2014
6 Indian Journal Of Computation And Communication Research JULY-DEC-2014
7 Indian Journal Of Sensors JULY-DEC-2014
8 Indian Journal Of Networking JULY-DEC-2014
9 Indian Journal Of Chemical  Engineering Research And Technology JULY-DEC-2014
10 Indian Journal Of Wireless Communication JULY-DEC-2014
11 Indian Journal Of Information Theory JULY-DEC-2014
12 Indian Journal Of Engineering Research And Technology JULY-DEC-2014
13 Indian Journal Of Net Working And Computer Egg JULY-DEC-2014
14 Indian Journal Of Geotechnics And Environments January-June-2014
15 Indian Journal Of Economics And Business JULY-DEC-2014
16 Indian Journal Of Economics And Econometrics January-June-2014
17 Indian Journal Of VLSI Design JULY-DEC-2014
18 Indian Journal Of Aerospace Engg.. JULY-DEC-2014
19 Indian Journal Of Advanced In Multimedia JULY-DEC-2014
20 Indian Journal Of Industrial Informatics JULY-DEC-2014
21 Indian Journal Of Mobile Computing JULY-DEC-2014
22 Indian Journal Of Neural Net Works JULY-DEC-2014
23 Indian Journal Of Neural Net Works Research January-June-2014
24 Indian Journal Of Electronics And Computer Sciences JULY-DEC-2014
25 Indian Journal Of Advance Soft Ware  Engg.. JULY-DEC-2014
26 Indian Journal Of Nano Technology JULY-DEC-2014
27 Indian Journal Of Soft Ware Technology JULY-DEC-2014
28 Indian Journal Of Wireless Communication And Simulation JULY-DEC-2014
29 Indian Journal Of Computer Systems Network Communication  JULY-DEC-2014
30 Indian Journal Of  Applied Maths And Computer Science JULY-DEC-2014
31 Indian Journal Of  Information Science Computer  JULY-DEC-2014
32 Indian Journal Of Computer Science And System Technology JULY-DEC-2014
33 Indian Journal Of Information Science And Education Technology JULY-DEC-2014
34 Indian Journal Of  Information And  Communication  Technology JULY-DEC-2014
35 Indian Journal Of Instrumentation Science And Engg.. JULY-DEC-2014
35 Indian Journal Of  Semi-Conductors Science And Research JULY-DEC-2014
36 Indian Journal Of Advanced Manufacturing Systems January-June-2014
37 Indian Journal Of Electronics And Computer Sciences January-June-2014
38 Advance  Soft Ware Engineering And Technology JULY-DEC-2014
39 Indian Journal Of Advances In Teratology JULY-DEC-2014
40 Indian Journal Of Multimedia Processing And Technologies Mar-14
41 Indian Journal Of Electronic Net Works Devices And Fields JULY-DEC-2014
42 Indian Journal Of Electronics Circuits System JULY-DEC-2014
43 Indian Journal  Of Information Technology JULY-DEC-2014
44 Indian Journal  Of Structural Engineering And Technology JULY-DEC-2014
45 Indian Journal  Of Materials And Structural Systems JULY-DEC-2014
46 Indian Journal  Of Nano Technology JULY-DEC-2014
47 Indian Journal  Of Nano Technology And Applications JULY-DEC-2014
48 Indian Journal  Of Engineering And Manufacturing Science JULY-DEC-2014
49 Indian Journal  Of Heat And Mass Transfer JULY-DEC-2014
50 Indian Journal  Of Industrial & Production  Engineering & Technology JULY-DEC-2014
51 Indian Journal  Of Instrumentation Science And Engineering Technology JULY-DEC-2014
52 Indian Journal  Of Engineering And Manufacturing Science Technology JULY-DEC-2014
53 Indian Journal  Of Advances In Mechanical Engineering JULY-DEC-2014
54 Indian Journal  Of Advanced And Application In Fluid Mechanics JULY-DEC-2014
55 Indian Journal  Of Advanced Material Science JULY-DEC-2014
56 Indian Journal  Of Electronics Systems And Control JULY-DEC-2014
57 Indian Journal  Of Electronics Engineering JULY-DEC-2014
58 Indian Journal  Of Marketing Finance JULY-DEC-2014
59 Indian Journal  Of Business Performeance And Supply Chain Management JULY-DEC-2014
60 Indian Journal  Of Business Adminisration JULY-DEC-2014
61 Indian Journal  Of Entrepreneurship  And Business JULY-DEC-2014
62 Indian Journal  Of Strategic Management And Business JULY-DEC-2014
63 Indian Journal  Of Electronic And Electrical Engineering JULY-DEC-2014
64 Indian Journal  Of Electronics ,Communication Engineering And Technology JULY-DEC-2014
65 Indian Journal  Of  Electrical Engineering And Technology JULY-DEC-2014
66 Indian Journal  Of Electrical Engineering JULY-DEC-2014
67 Indian Journal  Electrical And Engineering JULY-DEC-2014
68 Indian Journal  Advanced In Power  Electronics JULY-DEC-2014
69 Indian Journal   Advances In Wireless And Mobile Communication JULY-DEC-2014
70 Indian Journal   Advanced In Fuzzy Systems JULY-DEC-2014
71 Indian Journal  Advance Software Engineering JULY-DEC-2014
72 Indian Journal  Advanced In Computation Al Science And Technology JULY-DEC-2014
73 Indian Journal  Computer Science And Information Technology  JULY-DEC-2014
74 Indian Journal  Of   Advanced In Multimedia JULY-DEC-2014
75 Indian Journal  Of  Micro Engineering & Nano Technology JULY-DEC-2014
76 Indian Journal  Of  Industrial Electronics And Control JULY-DEC-2014
77 Indian Journal  Of  VLSI Design JULY-DEC-2014
78 Indian Journal  Of  Wireless Communication And Simulation JULY-DEC-2014
79 Indian Journal  Of  Electrical Engineering And Informatics JULY-DEC-2014
80 Indian Journal  Of  Electronics And Communication Engineering JULY-DEC-2014
81 Indian Journal  Electronics And Computer Sciences JULY-DEC-2014
82 Indian Journal  Microwave Science And Technology JULY-DEC-2014
83 International Journal Of Geotechnics &Environment Jan-June-2015
84 International Journal Of Mechanical Engineering &Material Sciences Jan-June-2015
85 International Journal Of Advance In Embedded System Research  
86 International Journal Of Advance In Information Technology  
87 International Journal Of VLSI Design  
88 International Journal Of Computational Intelligence Studies & Applications  
89 Int. Journal Of Computer Engineering &Applications  
90 Intl  Journal Of Embedded Systems & Computer Engineering  
91 Intl  Journal Of Mining & Mineral Processing  
92 Intl  Journal Of Computer Theory, Engineering & Applications  
93 Intl  Journal Of Electrical Power & Energy Research  
94 Intl  Journal Of Electronics & Telecommunication Instrument Engineering & Technology  
95 Intl  Journal Of Electronics Engineering & Telecommunication  
96 Intl  Journal Of Nano Systems  
97 Intl  Journal Of Nano Science, Nano Engineering & Nanotechnology  
98 Intl  Journal Of Power Engineering  
99 Intl  Journal Of Civil Engineering  
100 Intl  Journal Of Fluid Mechanics  
101 Intl  Journal Of Structural Changes In Solids-Mechanics & Applications  
102 Intl  Journal Of Analogue Circuits, VLSI & Bioelectronics  
103 Intl  Journal Of Manufacturing Science & Technology  
104 Intl  Journal Of Advanced Mechatronics  & Robotics   
105 Intl  Journal Of Library Automation, Networking   
106 Intl  Journal Of Civil Engineering & Construction Technology  
107 Intl Journal Of Advances In Civil Engineering  
108 Intl  Journal Of Neural Networks & Applications  
109 Intl Journal Of Micro & Nano Systems  
110 Intl  Journal Of Advanced  In Thermal Sciences & Engineering  
111 Journal Of Mechanics & MEMS  
112 Journal Of  Neural  Computing Systems  
113 Journal Of Micro Engineering & Nano Electronics  
114 Indian Journal Of Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
115 Indian Journal Of Electrical Engineering  
116 Indian Journal Of Electrical Engineering & Technology  
117 Journal Of Tribology Research  
118 Journal Of Smart Systems & Technology  
119 Journal Of Microwave Science & Technology  
120 Journal Of Energy Storage & Conversion  
Sl.No  Name of the Journal 
1 ASCI Journal of Management
2 Asian Management Review
3 IBA Journal of Management and Leadership
4 India Power
5 Indian Journal of Training and Development
6 Indian Management
7 People and Management
8 PRAJANA: The journal of Management Awareness
9 PRAVARA: Management Review
10 Asian Journal of Professional ethics & Mgt.
12 Journal of Management
13 PRAJANA: The journal of social & Mgt.Science
14 Journal of Indian Mgt Strategy
15 Journal of Insurance and Risk Mgt
16 Journal of Management Entrepreneurship
17 Anvesh
18 The IASMS Journal of Business Spectrum
19 careers360
20 The Indian Banker
21 International Journal of Information Technology and Management Research

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